A 1621
KCG College of Technology

I have taken possession of my Flat No. 1621, Vaikund Estates, Karapakkam on 29.08.2015. At this juncture I would like to appreciate Mr JK for your efforts to make the project highly successful. I have observed that you have taken personal interest and efforts to finalize the minute details of the project in each stage for its successful execution and completion. You have taken enormous pain to achieve the goal of high quality and excellent customer service in the execution of this project. I may like to record my high satisfaction and appreciation for you and your team of highly dedicated staff for having done this superb job. I am much thankful to the good customer service rendered by Ms. Sunitha. She has taken personal care to enquire every time about my health as well as furnishing the required details and providing a customer-needed service. I am also thankful to Ms. Jayashree and Ms.Vijaylakshmi who have initially guided me well. I am thankful to Mr. Balamurugan, the field staff who has satisfactorily attended my concerns with your full cooperation. You have also helped me to get SBI loan by introducing Mr.Prabharan at the right time. I may like to eulogize your sincere service in providing housing to a large number of customers like us. I may suggest that you may also bring in projects to cover the lower middle class people to provide houses at affordable rates. Your experience in this project may be very useful to take up some prestigious projects to match with international standards with novel technologies. I wish you great success in all your future endeavors.