MR.Raja Varatharajan
Senior Manager,Corporater Asia Technologies.
A 2516,Vaikund's Sundaram, Karapakkam

When we first visited Vaikund Sundaram, we immediately liked it for 3 reasons. One was the location (it was before Shollinganallur which was the maximum target we had in mind), the second was the cost of the apartment (that was within our budget) and the third was the staff (they were very helpful in explaining things, honest about few downsides then, which of course are getting solved one by one currently and above all they are not too pushy unlike many others out there who just wants your mobile number and email for their cold calling list). In one of the very old movies, there will be a dialogue where one person will ask another "why you left the big city Mylapore and come and suffer in this undeveloped forest"... The area which he was mentioning as "undeveloped forest" was nothing but today's Kodambakkam !!!. So, we didn't bother much about the downsides like the approach roads, metro water connections, etc...hoping that all these will get resolved.. and as I write this content, we are getting the roads laid and of course the metro water connection is also to happen in few months...

I would like to do a special mention to few staff who were really supportive by all means.

Sunitha to name first. She was of great help in helping us clear any doubts we may have, take necessary actions at appropriate times when there is a need, inform the actual progress of the construction especially if there is a delay, and also was excellent in overall customer management in a very professional way... One of the most difficult part for any customer is to have the vendor pick up the call first... Here we never faced a situation where our calls left unanswered. And you have that comfort zone with staff like her who doesnt bother even if you call umpteen times a day.. More than a solution to a problem, it is the willingness to attend the calls what matters for an excellent customer support... Our hearty wishes to Sunitha..Thanks for all your help.

Next is Saravanan, our supervisor.. Who now has almost become a family for us... We started interacting with Saravanan only a few months ago as the earlier supervisor has left Vaikund. But within that few months, I identified saravanan's sincerity and willingness to support customers no matter whatever it takes,day or night. Very polite and easily approachable person with a positive attitude. He came with valuable inputs whenever we had discussions of setting up the home. I was out of country just the month before our Grahaprevesam and all that Saravanan told me was to just come directly to Grahaprevesam as he will take care of everything... And yes he did as he said... with more such dedicated persons around, I am sure Vaikund will reach more heights and will become an even more trusted brand soon... My sincere wishes to Saravanan. You have a wonderful carrier ahead my friend !!!

I would also like to thank Jayashree, Kasinathan Sir and JK for all the support they have provided and are continuing to provide as we settle down in our new home... I know there are quite a few challenges still, but I am confident that with the support of the staff I have mentioned above and also the people in the community, we should definitely be jumping from good to better to great soon !!!

My hearty wishes to all the apartment owners and their families for such a wonderful community. From the little interactions I had with few people through Facebook and in person, I was so happy that we made a very good decision in choosing Vaikund Sundaram not only because of the 3 reasons above but for also to start living in a vibrant community with wonderful people who matters you the most !!!.

Happy Living Folks !!!