MR.SRIRAM, AGM Hyundai Motor India, A-902,Vaikund's Sundaram, Karapakkam

   I am one of the proud owners of an apartment at Vaikund Sundaram, Karapakkam. The day the project was launched in January 2011, I got interested in it and booked an apartment on the very same day. I am happy to say that it has proved to be one of my better decisions and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in buying a house in Chennai. I can give a whole host of reasons but I shall stick to the important ones:

  • The Apartment is located bang at the center of the IT corridor which is where all new development is happening. Needless to say, this means that not only are you never far away from the city, but the scope of property appreciation is immense.
  • The atmosphere in the society complex is extremely good with a lot of open space and greenery. Not to forget that the sea shore is just a couple of kilometers from the place.
  • The best part of course is the quality of construction. The site manager and engineers are easily approachable and are ready to help us 24x7.
  • All in all, I can say that if someone is on the lookout for buying a house in Chennai, Vaikund Sundaram, Karappakkam (OMR) is the place to go.