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Our relationship doesn't end once you buy your home with us, but merely begins. In case of even the smallest of concerns regarding your home, feel free to get in touch directly with our CEO Mr. Jayakrishnan at ceo@vaikundestates.com

Vaikund Estates wishes you a world of happiness!

Presenting picture perfect homes in the metropolis of Chennai

Vaikund Estates is a bifurcation of a leading business house promoted by V.V. Rajan & Co, who has also ventured into various other industries like manufacturing, publishing and education. Renowned as a company which offers quality homes with ethical practices and timely delivery, Vaikund Estates has made their presence across the metropolis of Chennai.

Each home at Vaikund Estates is an amalgamation of vast spaces, aesthetic interior elements and picture-perfect design. Offering a beautiful concept of gated community living in the metropolis of Chennai is the vision of the company.